Wholistic Life Coaching

Wholistic Life coaching

Integrative Wellness & Life Coaching

Holistic model to serve you in living a peaceful, balanced & blessed life

I am a Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach through the Integrative Wellness Academy.

Here we explore your interconnected Wheel of Life: moving towards Balance Spiritually, Physically, Mentally & Emotionally. I work with you through the wholistic model of your overall well-Being to assess your needs through your lens.

My approach here incorporates an Inside-Out model and an Outside-In model.

Inside-Out: working with your spirit, mindset and feelings.

Outside-In: working with your habits, behaviors and presence in the physical world.

By incorporating both of these models you will synergistically move in the desired direction much more effectively & efficiently.

In our work together you can gain freedom from the past and overcome patterns that block your fulfillment.

We will do this by co-creating an action plan to move forward in the direction and pace that best serves your needs and wants. We will get crystal clear on your Focus, your Mindset, your Skills & Capabilities, your Habits, Practices & Patterns, and how you manage your Energy. We will set the stage for you to make empowered choices by identifying any gaps in your life and exploring all of the options to remedy those gaps.

My role here is to guide you to and through the steps needed to achieve the outcomes you desire.

This work can be focused on a single goal, Breaking Through a glass-ceiling or it can be a consistent work in progress along with the flow of your life.

Potential Modalities

  • Cleansing & Integrating Spirit, Space & Body
  • Ceremony & Ritual
  • Emotional Clearing Method
  • Pranayama or Breathwork
  • Visualization
  • Artistic Process & Release
  • Movement Process & Release
  • Ellicitation Layering
  • Mind Mapping
  • Creating SMART Goals
  • Gratitude building
  • Trust building
  • Self-Care
  • Journaling
  • Grieving Processing
  • Intention & Action Work & Release
  • Conscious Choice Work & Release
  • Forgiveness Work & Release
  • Ho’oponopono Practice
  • Meditation
According to the International Coaching Federation:

  • 80% of people who work with a coach experience improved Self-Confidence and Life/Work Balance
  • 86% of people who work with a coach make their investment back if not more
  • 96% of people who work with a coach would do so again

My intention is to empower you to live your soul’s purpose with an open heart, a balanced body and a peaceful mind.


“I feel blessed to have a wonderful experience working with Shaun. During our time together I was able to work through some trauma, addictions and negative/depressive thought patterns that had a strong hold on my day to day experience.
After the work we’ve done, I feel lighter, freer and calm. The experience felt like I was like a sponge being wrung of all the baggage that was weighing me down. It took me out of the cycle of negativity and showed a different perspective on what life is all about. I feel more connected with myself and other beings all-around, everything feels more clear with an overall sense of peace and harmony. The work with Shaun is like a giant hug for your body and soul with lasting effects. Grateful for this experience to see things much differently, life has begun to open up in a beautiful way. So much appreciation for this work!”

Heather Mack

“Finding the right healing modality is one thing. Finding the right healer is another, but when you find both, you can enter the ceremony in a space of calm reassurance.
I have worked with many shamans and working with Shaun was a real treat.
He is a pure channel totally committed to getting the best outcomes possible for those fortunate to journey with him. His kind, gentle, patient spirit complement his inner and outer strength plus his wide understanding of, and deep connection with the medicines make him an incredible BEing that I would highly recommend to anyone who feels called to work with the medicines.
He is the real deal and an inspiration.”


“Shaun provided me with the warmth, respect and trust I yearned for in a sacred space. I am grateful for waiting to experience such an impactful transformation in my spiritual journey with the right source of guidance and light. Checking in on my wellness to this day, he continues to be someone in whom I can confide. “

Keri Parsons

“Shaun did a great job holding the container for my ceremony. From the beginning opening statement where he guided the energy to be peaceful and intentional to being there and making sure that the ceremony unfolded in a beautiful way it was a great experience. He closed the ceremony with a nice lil assignment to integrate the experience. 5⭐, would go to outer space with him again “

Gene Hew

“I was fortunate enough to have met Shaun a little over three years ago and I’m proud to say that within that time period not only has he become one of the most impactful and inspirational coaches I’ve ever had, he has become a true companion of mine to this day. I had tried different life coaches out for a number of years but wasn’t able to find quite what I was hoping for. I never felt as though any of them had the subtle, compassionate understanding coupled with profound knowledge and practical advice necessary to inspire change in my life.”

Evan Hanson

“I have known Shaun for over 10 years. He is one of the most pure hearted, universally kind and spiritual people I have ever met. After going through struggles in my career, a rough divorce and falling down a rabbit hole into the abyss of dating unhealthy partners; having one on one sessions with Shaun helped me confront my insecurities, personal challenges with certain addictions and childhood trauma. It doesn’t happen over night but after 10 months of working with Shaun, I am more whole, peaceful and content with who I am today and more than I ever have been before. Simply put… I am a better man today because of Shaun’s guidance and healing work. Book a session with Shaun. You’ll be glad you did.”

Rich Rotella

“Shaun is one of the most loving healers I have ever worked with. He has such a beautiful balance of yin and yang that holds an expansive space for healing.”

Rachel Morihiro

“I knew within five minutes of meeting Shaun that not only was he incredibly warm and friendly, nothing means more to him than motivating and inspiring his clients to step into their highest selves. We started working two days later and I have never looked back since! We immediately did an audit of every aspect of my life, identified sticking points I needed to address and put tangible action steps in place in order to achieve my goals. I’m glad to say that with Shaun guiding me step by step I’m living a life that I am truly proud of. I attribute my personal success to feeling safe enough to put my guard down and let Shaun help me address aspects of myself that had been hidden from me. I am so grateful and appreciative for everything Shaun has done for me. I only wish for you to take the leap and find the lasting fulfillment that I did.”

Evan Hanson



I warmly welcome the potential of working with you.

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