Shaun Ryan Wholistic Life Coach

I invite you to connect with your Divine Guidance

Strengthen your tools needed to Heal, Grow and Empower your life


I help people move through their life challenges so they can craft a more authentic, connected & meaningful life.

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It is a privilege to have your presence here. I acknowledge the power behind your intention and look forward to helping you supercharge that power…

Are you challenged with balance and time? Do you need tools to integrate the work you’ve done and to stay grounded? Are you curious to start a path of growth and uncertain where to begin?

I can help.

My specialties are Ceremony & Plant Medicine work, Integration & Grounding, Wholistic Life & Wellness Coaching. I combine my knowledge, specific to your needs & wants, and create a protocol to serve you in healing your heart, body, spirit & mind. I shall share pertinent tools for you to Integrate a new way of Being, and to live the life you authentically want to live.

About Shaun Ryan
Offering 3

Sacred Ceremony (group)

Ritual & Ceremonial Plant Work

Deep self-enquiry generally leading to healing trauma,  removing blockages and clarifying your life path.

Cleanse and integrate your space

Cleanse your space(s)

Ritual Home Cleansing / Entity Removal

An evaluation of your home, work, car etc. and/or you for shamanic cleansing.

Coaching Offering 1

Couples or family constellation ceremony

Nutrition, Bodywork & Exercise

Ceremony with your loved one(s) focusing on specific challenges or intentions.

Offering 3

Wholistic wellness, Life & integration

Wellness & Life Coaching for us to design a wholistic model to serve you in living a peaceful, balanced & blessed life. This is typically an important part of Integration Coaching as well. 

Cleanse and integrate your spirit

addiction: cleansing & healing

Deep work on core issues to purge out old, unhealthy engrained patterns, habits & ways of being. To allow space for a new healthy way of Being.

Shaun Ryan

Meet Shaun

Wholistic Life Coach

I am a natural healer and have been since I was a child, learning to connect to the Divine at the age of 6. I am an intuitive medicine man, Wholistic Life Coach (Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach), father, grounded empath, meditator, vegheean, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, energy worker (including intuitive deep tissue spiritual massage). I am an expert in Shamanic Ceremony, Integration, Grounding, & Ritual.

I will hold space for you to let go of what is limiting the life you currently live and give you the tools you need to manifest the life you were born to live.

Living a life in service to the Divine & Mother Earth has been my lifelong practice. I learned to  hold sacred space with plant medicines in the traditional way with indigenous tribes of the Amazonian jungle. I have put my time into deep self enquiry and self-development for well over a decade through every modality I have come across with an open mind and heart. This open mind and heart is what I bring to you in service to your higher self and your journey.




The foundation of what I do is to establish authentic heart-centered connection with you and holding space for you to establish authentic connections in all facets of your being and relationships. To truthfully connect to you on a pure soul level, where we can truly see.

I do this work by virtue of genuinely understanding the value of a helping heart, especially when needed the most. I look back on my life at some key points and have so much gratitude for those that purely offered me their hearts in service to my highest good, those that nurtured and nourished me when I couldn’t do it for my self and didn’t know how to.

My intention in our relationship is to collaborate with you in building a grounded and well-rounded wheel of life so that your ride is transcendentally enjoyable.

I look forward to working with you, Divine Blessings.


“I was fortunate enough to have met Shaun a little over three years ago and I’m proud to say that within that time period not only has he become one of the most impactful and inspirational coaches I’ve ever had, he has become a true companion of mine to this day. I had tried different life coaches out for a number of years but wasn’t able to find quite what I was hoping for. I never felt as though any of them had the subtle, compassionate understanding coupled with profound knowledge and practical advice necessary to inspire change in my life.”

Evan Hanson

“I have known Shaun for over 10 years. He is one of the most pure hearted, universally kind and spiritual people I have ever met. After going through struggles in my career, a rough divorce and falling down a rabbit hole into the abyss of dating unhealthy partners; having one on one sessions with Shaun helped me confront my insecurities, personal challenges with certain addictions and childhood trauma. It doesn’t happen over night but after 10 months of working with Shaun, I am more whole, peaceful and content with who I am today and more than I ever have been before. Simply put… I am a better man today because of Shaun’s guidance and healing work. Book a session with Shaun. You’ll be glad you did.”

Rich Rotella

“Shaun is one of the most loving healers I have ever worked with. He has such a beautiful balance of yin and yang that holds an expansive space for healing.”

Rachel Morihiro


I hold space for people to get Grounded & Connected.

Cultivate, enhance and protect your energetic field with this guided practice.
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