Energy Grounding Practice

A practice to help you stay grounded & connected

Want to tune in and turn on?

Cultivate, enhance and protect your energetic field with this guided practice

Energy Grounding Practice by Shaun Ryan
  • This practice will give you a guide to stay sovereign in your own energy and will aid in protecting & fortifying your energy from external influences.
  • Learn a powerful yet simple way to allow energy to flow through you rather than get stuck in your field.
  • Discover an effective way to seal out negative energies from affecting you and to encourage truthful interactions.
  • Learn a great way to stay connected to your Divine guidance system.
  • Get Grounded.

Take control of your ENERGY now with this easy-to-do-anywhere practice

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Shaun Ryan


Shaun is a natural healer and has been since he was a child, learning to connect to the Divine at the age of 6. He is an intuitive medicine man, Wholistic Life Coach (Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach), father, grounded empath, meditator, vegheean (vegan that eats Bilona ghee), Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, energy worker (including intuitive deep tissue spiritual massage). Shaun is an expert in Shamanic Ceremony, Integration, Grounding, & Ritual.

Shaun will hold space for you to let go of what is limiting the life you currently live and give you the tools you need to manifest the life you were born to live.